Nirpal Sekhon 

For Peel School Trustee 
Wards 2 & 6

Psychotherapist, Social Advocate and Proud Parent. 

My Plan 

I am determined to address the needs and concerns of parents and students to ensure our children have the best experiences in their formative years.

About me 

I grew up in  Brampton and have attended Peel District Public Schools. Being part of the  community for many years,  I have worked diligently to make it a better place to live through social work. 

I am a Registered Psychotherapist in Ontario, running a private practice. My work experience includes over 14 years in the social sector.

I live in Brampton with my young family. My daughter currently attends a Peel District Public School in our ward. 

We are proud to call Brampton our home. 

My Goals 

With my experience in mental health and social work, my focus as Peel District School Board Trustee will be:

Better Communication

I plan to connect with community government-funded agencies to help bridge the gaps between parents and schools. Effective communication is needed to make our school system more inclusive. 

Mental Health

I plan to advocate for the enhancement of mental health services for students and their parents. This can be a difficult area in our system to navigate and understand. My goal is to increase access to mental health services for the school community. 

STEM Learning 

I plan to advocate for increased STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) learning to ensure our children have the skills needed for the fast-changing future.


I plan to address any safety issues students or parents may have. We should never feel unsafe in our school system.

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